Stunning Wedding Dress is a unique boutique store, we have taken a different approach to help our brides in the search for their dream wedding dress.  We believe that every bride deserves the most stunning couture gown without spending a fortune.

Our speciality is high quality, couture replica dresses. Our talented team of designers take pride in replicating the dresses and we will assure that you will purchase your gown at a reasonable price and your dress will be exactly the same with no compromise on replicating  the original design. When working with our brides we always take a personal approach and we persist to get all the specific details of the dream dress.

We are very particular when it comes to fabrics and this is where we excel. Our fabrics come from France, Italy and Israel, this will assure the highest quality of the product. We have been replicating the most sophisticated and trendy designs in the market today. Our brides are ecstatic and so happy that they can afford these dresses and we don’t make them wait, every dress produced within 3 to 5 weeks’ timeframe.

How we make this possible? Easy we reduce our operating costs, by having an atelier and a team of very talented young designers based in Eastern Europe. We also have a local Brisbane based studio where you can come with your friends and family and have a look at our collection and try sample dresses before making your big decision.

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